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  • Treatment Services

    Do you currently have an overworked or stressed animal? Alternatively do you have an animal that is suffering from injury and you are seeking assistance to promote healing and recovery?
    If so, then Equus Muscle Management can help get your animal on the road to recovery. More

  • Group Training

    Equus Muscle Management provides real hands on training for horse owners, riders and therapists and anyone else interested in learning how to apply natural Muscle Release Therapy for animals. More

  • Online Training

    We aslo offer introductory online training for those keen to learn this technique themselves. More

How our Therapy can help You

What is Equus Muscle Management used for?

When your animals muscles become shortened or ‘tight’ from injury or repetitive use, it can cause ‘muscle memory loss’, whereby the muscle forgets how to return to a relaxed, static state.
In this condition, muscles can tear, cramp or strain, lose their flexibility, strength and range of motion; thereby decreasing performance and usefulness due to pain.

How does Equus Muscle Management work?

Equus Muscle Management (EMM) involves the application of light pressure at particular points that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups.

EMM allows muscles to regain their flexibility, strength and range of motion; increasing performance and greatly reducing the chance of injury (physical and mental stress).

The technique can be used as an effective adjunct to enhance the treatment value of other types of muscle release and neuro-musculoskeletal therapy, or may be used as an effective therapy on its own.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

EMM provides the following benefits to animals under treatment.

  • Fast relief to overstressed/overworked animals. Treatments are often 20 to 30 minutes long and the results are often instantaneous.
  • Treatments are very gentle, relaxing the animal in the process
  • Provides improved healing and recovery times for injured animals
  • Lower rate of injury for performance animals such as horses.
  • Results hold as long as the animal is not reinjured
  • Provides for injury prevention through increased flexibility

The original Emmett for Animals

As of today, we will no longer post or advertise under the trading names Equus Muscle Management or EMM Therapy.

This is due to unscrupulous scalping by the EMMETT Technique Organisation, using our trading name unethically to divert internet traffic away from our business. Example of Google search results below:




Equus Muscle Management  (original beginnings 2001 – see video) is an adaptation of human therapies (with the originators permission) and applied to animals. It was created by myself and further developed in partnership with Steve Rochford. This work has been plagurised, (evidenced by course note copies supplied to us), again by the EMMETT Technique Organisation.

We have never been shown or taught ‘secret Emmett points’. There are no secrets in Equus Muscle Management, or Horse Muscle Care therapy. All points are based on factual, effective and long proven  therapies.

To set the record straight:

• The foundation of our work and unique points existed before ever meeting Ross Emmett
• The work we shared in association with his name, was our own adaptation of his ‘Technique’
• Our understanding of his technique was gained from attending his human courses
• We accepted an opportunity to adapt this understanding to our therapeutic points and teach it as ‘Emmett Technique for Animals’

There is no need to accept our word – Ross Emmett backs these statements up in the video below:

Ross Emmett – History of Animal Therapy from Horse Muscle Care on Vimeo.

Once again, Ross Emmett did not have time to teach us the work on animals, the work we shared as Emmett for Animals (Emmett4Animals) was our own adaptation of his ‘Technique.’ Our understanding of his ‘Technique’ was gained from attending his human courses; We accepted an opportunity to adapt this understanding to our therapeutic points and teach it as ‘Emmett Technique for Animals’

It is commonly believed that Ross Emmett taught us our work on horses. This is a myth that has been perpetuated by the Emmett organization since 2012 to discredit our business name when we parted company, due to ethical reasons then.
It may have been stated to you that Ross taught us his technique on animals, or ,’Showed them that.’  The people making these claims are not telling the truth. In fact Ross Emmett never even attended one of our courses until 2011.

You may also have been told, ‘I originally trained with Kath and Steve and it’s all the same stuff.’ Yes, the people now teaching emmett4animals did train with us, though not to Practitioner level, and it appears they are teaching the ‘same stuff’. They do so unethically and openly and with full knowledge that they do not have our authority to do so.
Those perpetuating these rumours are making Ross out to be dishonest, foolish and bring the whole EMMETT Technique Organisation into disrepute.
In 2004, using the information and understanding gained from attending his human courses, I developed a method to apply that understanding of the Emmett technique to animalsin line with our existing therapy. Although on many occasions we asked Ross for assistance in learning his EMMETT POINTS, we received a consistent reply:

‘I don’t have time to teach the animal stuff, you will have to work it out for yourself’

The methodology of what we do (holds, rolls, pressure points) are an adaptation of Trigger Point, (Bonnie Prudden – Pain Erasure), Paul Blakey’s ‘Finger First Aid’ – The Muscle Book and Tom Bowen’s Bowen Therapy along with others……… Research these modalities and see for yourself.

There has never been any business agreement between Ross Emmett and Equus Muscle Management (or it’s principles). The business Equus Muscle Management has always been 100% ours; Ross Emmett has never had any interest in it – contractually, financially or otherwise. The work we adapted from his human teachings was undertaken and taught on a verbal agreement.

It is now claimed that the work we developed has been ‘totally revamped and upgraded’ and that it includes ‘secret Emmett points.’ We do not support the work now being taught as Emmett4Animals. If you have issues following a treatment, we suggest that you consult your vet.
We do proudly teach Equine Therapy, (not the Emmett Technique) as well as treat horses (dogs, cats, alpacas, cattle, camels and other animals)  —  come and share our passion at Horse Muscle Care or follow us on Facebook

Kath Rochford

Level 2, Imbil Queensland, March 2015.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

A great weekend at Imbil for the Level 2 Horse Muscle Care course.

Great to see the skills, the understanding and the enjoyment continue and grow. A real pleasure for us to hold this course at the Equine Training Centre of Excellence – the first we have held here for many years – and we are so pleased you enjoyed the facilities.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon. Keep up the excellent work!



Celebrating 11 Years of Training Today

Exactly 11 years ago, we had just completed the first day of  training ever, presented to a small group of excited and passionate participants.

Reminiscing today over the original notes (and the horses who starred in them!).

We have certainly come a long way since then, improving and developing our own unique  muscle care  therapy for animals. We feel we have been very fortunate to have shared our work with many amazing people in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, United States, Canada, Hawaii, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and it is an honour to be able to do so.

Thank you all for being a part of it, for providing your amazing feedback and testimonials, and for improving the lives of all the animals you have touched.

2015 rings in some more big changes and new developments for us and we will look forward to sharing them with you in the near future.